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Hi. I'm Guy.

I'm a highly successful multi-millionaire day-trader who has actually built his fortune through the stock market. Today, I want to reveal all the secrets I've learned with you, because truth be told, the stock market has the potential to set you free and allow you to live the life of your dreams. It certainly has given me the life of my dreams, including the ability to work from anywhere under my own terms. And I want to share this with you - it really is the best gift I can give you.

But it will only set you free if you know how to play it. Unfortunately, most people don't. 

That's why 98% of traders lose money.

When I first started day trading back in the 90s, there weren't many guides out there. I remember losing all my net worth multiple times trading, and I couldn't figure out what was going wrong. It took me many years of struggling to save up money, and then only lose it on the stock market to learn. I paid dearly for my education, and I was lucky to be able to make it. But you don't have to go through all those struggles.

By joining me at DayTraderPro you can cut your learning curve by more than HALF and start making money from day 1. Making $Thousands+ per day will take a lot of work and effort from you, but with the right materials and teaching resources you can certainly get there. So take a look at the introductions to both my Academy Course and my Live Trading Room to see which option is the best for you, and which can help you start making the money you deserve on the stock market.

Yours Truly,
Guy Gentile

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Our DayTraderPro live trading room is one of the most effective ways of getting started as a day trader. Why? You get to learn how to make winning trades from the Pros. Our pro traders walk you through their trades and offer insight into how they use logical technical analysis to anticipate the markets to profit BIG – and it's all LIVE! 
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You get to know all the trades that my Pro traders and I are making live. If you're a beginner you can follow along and start making your money right away. The live trading room is like getting access to the inner workings of some of the best day traders on the planet... so if you want to cut your learning curve and start earning from day 1, then join now!
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Live screen sharing with audio and chat, to ensure that you don't miss a move.
Learn how to read and utilize charts and patterns needed to be a successful trader.
Ask as many questions as you like and receive expert help.

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Market-Based Day-Trading Course
Go From Beginner To Advanced Day Trader
Learn the fundamentals of pro day trading with this comprehensive video training course of time-tested trading strategies used by the PROs to take control of the market.

DayTraderPro training and live trading room is one of the most effective ways of learning and growing as a day trader. 
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Since the course is a complete market education, it will be your fast-track to success as a day-trader. If learning as fast as possible is what you're interested in, then don't be afraid to check out this course below. Very likely, it will give you exactly what you need.

And if it doesn't, you have a 90-day money-back guarantee. So it's quite simple really - either you make money in 90 days day-trading, or you'll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked. 
Guy Knows Proven Strategies 
That Can Make BIG Money
Like this $MBOT Short Squeeze Worth $150K PROFIT!
Like this $MBOT Short Squeeze Worth $150K PROFIT!
Guy Also Calls The Big Shots In The Media And On TV

With Guy, You'll Learn From A Real Pro Who Is A Big Market Mover And Knows What He's Doing...

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"I have been in other chat rooms and have never felt as comfortable as I do here. From the moment that I entered the Day Trader Pro trading chat room I started learning. My learning curve went from a 3 to a 10+. I have been more confident putting on trades than I have ever been before. The mentors and fellow members are like family, always there to answer a question, Encourage progress and success, and walk you through a trade step by step. I have found my new home. Best of all, now I am Making money and my account is finally growing."
Jason K.
Active Trading Room Member
Why Guy Gentile & Day Trader Pros Are Different From The Gurus...
We're Professional Day Traders, Activist Short Sellers, Entrepreneurs, BOSSES.
Here's something very few people know. There's a reason why many people have purchased expensive online courses or have joined live trading rooms and have failed to make money.

It's because many of the people who run those courses don't have careers in DAY TRADING; it’s marketing and talking about trading more than anything else.

At DayTraderPro, we are pros who make a living and build wealth day trading.

Our people and I have countless credentials in and around the financial field, including having successfully achieved the FINRA series 7, 24, 63, 4, and 55 licenses, earning the series 14 and 56 licenses from the Chicago Board Stock Exchange. More notably we can add the Series 56 - Proprietary Trader license and the Series 55 - Equity Trader license - the same licenses required for market makers

I have personally had tremendous experience and success developing high-frequency trading algorithms since 2005, in addition to operating some of the most successful broker dealers since 1999. With vast trading knowledge and keen strategic insight, I have developed multi-able trading strategies and built several successful trading businesses. In addition to all of this I have given classroom training to the FBI, DOJ and the SEC - so I really know my game.

Pro Tip: When you’re spending thousands of dollars on trading education it's important to delve deep into the experience and credentials of who's teaching. Without this knowledge, you can lose time and money.
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